up - close with the drums

back in 2009, "let's go surfing" is the first song i heard from the drums. it was kinda absurd, but when i listen to their  EP "summertime!" and their self - titled debut album, it's like the happy version of joy division. with eighties beat , post-punk revival tune and catchy lyrics, it became heavy rotation in my playlist back in 2010. so when ismayalive decided to brought them to indonesia,i never had second guess to bought their ticket.

But after that, I was kinda in doubt when I saw their footage live in youtube, Jonathan didn't sing like in the album at all. He seems more keen to sing with falsetto voice.

but what the heck,i already bought the ticket. and based on concert title,i think it would be far better if they perform themselves "up and close" to the audience. in my head,i thought it'll be some kind of accoustic unplugged sort of.

and yeah,i was totally wrong!

the show start 9:00 pm straight after DJ perfomance. jonathan,connor and jacob and two additional player came up and they switch instrument ! jacob who used to play bass now put himself in the back of jonathan coordinating synth. and connor who used to hit snare and cymbal now sat in the front with guitar,while the additional filled jacob and connor usual department.

when they start playing,it didn't turn out like i thought before. it was the lo - fi post punk up - close show i've ever seen with international artist. everybody starts dancing,jumping,singing along, flashing out their phone / camera while jonathan kept his energetic weird dance and jacob waved his hand in composer style. it was very intense despite the loud,harsh sound with heavy distortion. 

in the middle of the concert, jonathan,who seemed happy and suprised,said that indonesian crowd is the best ever. he never thought that we would memorized the lyrics and singalong with him. the show is ended after 13 songs in 75 minutes including encore. i was very pleased and partially deaf that night.

here's the drums " live and up - close " footage in black and white.

thank you ismayalive.
thank you the drums.

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