image are taken from tokyo!  (2008)
"i can see it..the movement of sunlight"
Tokyo is a city of transitions in three short films.
i always had a crush with tokyo city and every gondry movie always inspire me from time to time. gondry is up first here with "interior design". this realistic yet surreal stories will take you through the life of young woman and her lover in tokyo just who finds herself useless no desire and just hang unto others. lot of praise for ayako fujitani who could potray her character deeply.

the second segment,"merde",written by leos carax,is about an overgrown leprechaun escaped from the sewer. at first,i thought it would be great but it's kinda dull when the leprechaun was caught and faced the trial because we just literally watch another leprechaun rant with unknown dialogue and without any kind of subtitle.

the finale, "Shaking Tokyo" from korean director,Bong Joon-Ho is suprisingly great and i could say that this is the best out of the three (gomenasai,gondry!) . this segment revolving around the well - experienced *hikikomori person describing his solitude life but then everything change when a girl from pizza delivery passed out in front of his porch. the story is well written with great narrative,slight funny dialogue, tranquilizing backsound blend with self-romantic scene from solitude moment. 
dangerously inspiring. 

*hikikomori ( ひきこもり) literally "pulling away, being confined", i.e., "acute social withdrawal") is a Japanese term to refer to the phenomenon of reclusive people who have chosen to withdraw from social life, often seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement because of various personal and social factors in their lives.

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