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Sharing is Caring! 
Bedroom Rockstars is a non-profit-non-organization. Our intention was only to put bedroom talents in spotlight.

there's a plenty of music blog and netlabel like this out there but still,finding out any bedroom musician and their music is definitely fun because everything you hear will be spontaneous and suprising.

because you don't read any review about them,
or you never heard them before,
or what you hear,
is created without using any heavy gear music equipment.

welcome to digital era where everyone can be anything!

based in indonesia,bedroomrockstar is also support some of the veteran musician from indie movement scene in indonesia such as mystikal awakening projekt ,the dying sirens, everyone who made any recording tape,feel free to submit your work to this website,(hopefully) they will announce it immediately and ( without any promise ) everyone out there will hear you.

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